Living Green
FGF welcomes Sunset Hills Cemetery, Funeral Home and Crematorium

Sunset Hills is recognized as one of America’s Great Funeral Homes.

Sunset Hills Cemetery, Funeral Home and Crematorium is Oregon’s Original Natural “Green” funeral and burial service provider. In support of the “Green Philosophy” we offer the only tricycle hearse for use in funeral processions in the United States. From traditional funerals, natural burials, “One Last” celebrations and cremation; every aspect of your families’ care is considered with love, gratitude and compassion. We will listen to you and tailor a service to meet your families’ needs. We also offer complete individualized funeral and cremation packages at reasonable prices. Our Complete cremation package price is one of the lowest in Oregon. But don’t let price be your only deciding factor, come by and meet us, enjoy our comfortable homey surroundings and learn how a small family run cemetery, funeral home and crematorium can be the right fit for your family during your greatest time of need.

How do you want to be remembered?

The joy of living means different things to different people.
A funeral or memorial service should celebrate the choices made,
the relationships shared,
and honor the memory of your loved one.

Sunset Hills is Oregon’s original sustainable funeral and cemetery service provider. Every effort is made to employ compassionate practices in everything we do.

How your remembered matters to us.

FGF Vendor Real Food Co-op


Real Food Co-op is a member-owned and managed retail outlet that has been providing wholesome organic foods to the community for the past three years. Our mission is to provide healthful and nutritious food, emphasizing locally and sustainably grown organic vegetables at a reasonable cost. We provide an outlet for farms such as Whiskey Creek and Greenfields Farm in the immediate Florence area, and other farms farther afield in Lane County, adding their products as they change to a sustainable organic production that builds rather than depletes soils, and eliminates the need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Real Food Co-op provides foods in bulk, such as grains, beans, flours, raw honey, molasses, tamari, oils (including olive and coconut), vinegars (apple and balsamic), nuts, nut butters and veganaise in the store, as well as a rich variety of fruits and vegetables. Members may order bulk items at a small percentage above wholesale. We also provide bread (including gluten free), Fair Trade coffee, local organic eggs, meats, and dairy products. Real Food Co-op is member supported and open to non-members. A fifty-dollar one-time fee is a lifetime membership, and can be paid in two installments. Part of our commitment is to provide educational experiences for the community, through involvement with the community. Come and see us. Open 10-6pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Open 10- 7pm on Tuesday. 

FGF announces Langenburg Water as a new vendor this year!

Langenburg Water is a health-focused organization with a dedication to the improvement of global health and well-being.  We are proud to be part of the momentum of change.  Precisely because water is so basic and integral to all living processes, we have sought solutions for health and ecological restoration in advanced water technologies.  Langenburg Water is a response to a desire to amend significant damage done to our world by industry.  Our effort has been to harness the ability to make water whole again.

We offer three product lines:  Langenburg Oxygen Water, Langenburg Cobalt Oxygen Water and Langenburg Oxygen Facial Spray, all containing high levels of stable oxygen, minerals and a balanced pH.  Whether you are drinking this pure water or misting it externally, its hydrating and refreshing effects will be felt immediately!  With Langenburg Water, we bring life!  Please visit for more information or call (541) 687-0130.

Not For Dogs Only joins vendors at Florence Green Fair

NFDO is committed to providing grain free, gluten free, preservative free, organic and holistic handmade & slow baked treats customized for dogs while being earth conscious.  We care about what dogs consume and hope to make a difference in their lives by creating a treat that is healthy and tasty.  All of our treats are made by hand in small batches and slow cooked at very low temperatures to maintain the essential minerals and vitamins in our ingredients that are required for dogs to have a healthy digestive system.  A conscious consumer reads ingredient lists all day everyday; we encourage you to read our ingredient list; it’s on our website and it’s on the brochure in the picture album on FB.  Make a difference in your dog’s life today…. Give your dog a Real treat! :)

FGF welcomes vendors Lane County Waste Management & Florence Master Recyclers

Florence Master Recyclers- Lane County Master Recycler Volunteers provide more than 2000 hours of waste prevention education to residents, businesses and events each year? Learn how to reduce your waste, reserve natural resources; motivate others to change their habits, and make a difference in your community.

Lane County Waste Management Division offers 3 training courses each year that provide comprehensive training in solid waste prevention, reuse, recycling and compost education. In return for the 30 plus hours of training, students are expected to provide 30 hours of volunteer outreach in the community—teaching fellow Lane County citizens how to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink. Students can volunteer for existing programs and activities or create their own.

FGF welcomes vendor BRING Recycling

BRING: Building a World without Waste. In 1971, BRING began shaping our community’s future - one glass bottle at a time. Today, recycling is a core community value, widely practiced by residents, businesses, and government.  We now focus our efforts on the next frontier - preventing waste and using resources wisely - through community education, business consulting, and the sale of reusable building materials at the Planet Improvement Center.  Together, we can build a world without waste!

FGF welcomes vendor Florence Herb Enthusiasts

Florence Herb Enthusiasts explore, experience and learn about culinary, craft, and medicinal use of herbs. Whether you are a novice, professional or in-between, we hope you’ll join us to expand your knowledge of herbs! At each month’s meeting we explore a variety of interesting topics such as: Making honey wine, Growing lavender, Wreath-making, Herbal remedies, Tea infusions and Essential oils.

FGF welcomes vendor Winter Green Farm

Winter Green Farm is a value-driven business. We embrace biodynamic farming methods, viewing our farm as a living organism. This means we strive to create a healthy farm ecosystem. The vast majority of our fertility is produced on-farm.  We view this as one sign of a farm in biological balance. The backbone of our fertility program is farm-made well-ripened compost, green manure crops, careful crop rotation, and pasturage of our grazing stock. We feel the health of our farm is reflected in the quality of our crops.

FGF welcomes vendor Siuslaw Watershed Council

Siuslaw Watershed Council
Community ~ Economy ~ Environment
The SWC is a community-based organization that helps to encourage and implement voluntary, non-regulatory practices, projects, and programs
to promote stewardship of, restore, and enhance watershed health in the Siuslaw River Watershed and the Coastal Lakes.
Projects and programs implemented by the SWC include:
Free Native Plant Distribution
Public Forums
Restoration Projects
Landowner Assistance
Youth Day Camps
For more information: <>
541-268-3044 <tel:541-268-3044>
SWC Mission Statement
The SWC supports sound economic, social, and environmental uses of natural
and human resources in the Siuslaw River Basin.  The Council encourages
cooperation among public and private entities to promote awareness and
understanding of watershed functions by adopting and implementing a total
watershed approach to natural resource management and production.

FGF welcomes vendor Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 50,000 members and 90 chapters worldwide.